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Send an Electronic Greeting (Greet) to Family, Loved Ones, Friends, Co-Workers, OR ‘people you would like to know better for their Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any occasion.

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Step 1

Where did we first meet ?

Begin your automated greet with special interpersonal statements or questions

Step 2

The coffee shop, Starbucks, Downtown Cafe

List your preferred answers or responses unique to your relationship history

Hi. How are you today?
Thats Good to hear. We are going to play a little game. I hope you will like it. I am going to ask you a few questions...
Where did we first meet?
the coffee shop
Wow!! Your good... Okay.. Tell me how long ago was that.
6 years ago

Step 3


Add private content or media as a reward for that special person's responses

Step 4

Test or Send your final automated greet. Your recipient gets their greet via Email or Facebook.

Send your greet to his or her email address or share it via Social Networks

All Your Greetings (AYG) is an online greeting business located in the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda IN THE CARIBBEAN. We are registered at the Antigua and Barbuda Intellectual Property & Commerce Office (http://www.abipco.gov.ag/) and the Antigua and Barbuda Inland Revenue Department (http://www.ird.gov.ag)

The idea for our online greeting PROGRAM came about because our CEO Dwight had to engage his then girlfriend Betty-Ann. Being in the army at the time; the element of surprise was important to especially this mission. However, Dwight had lost the element of surprise because everyone believed Dwight was visiting Betty-Ann in Trinidad where she lived at the time to engage her. His solution? He wrote the first version of this program and Betty-Ann is his wife today! Yeah!

Since then Betty-Ann & Dwight decided to offer this same service to the World hoping everyone else will have similar success with whatever type of Greet they send. Therefore, our MISSION is to Re-Invent the ‘greeting wheel’ by providing highly personalized, interactive GREETS to everyone, world-wide.

We believe electronic greetings should be as personal and interactive as face to face encounters. Our ‘GREET’ program therefore is a series of personal, customized questions and/or comments with corresponding responses that the receiver of a Greet will enter; where after the Greet plays or displays a multimedia, pre-programmed response.

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